The University of Iceland (UoI) is located centrally in Iceland and its campus has been steadily growing since it’s establishment in 1911. The seminar will take place in three buildings; The main building, Oddi and Háskólatorg.

Oddi houses teaching facilities for various Schools as well as offices for academic staff.


The University Aula is in the Main building of the University of Iceland. It also houses some teaching facilities but mostly offices of the central administration, including the Division of Science and Innovation.


Háskólatorg is the University’s plaza. Here is the cafeteria, bookshop, front desk, computer assistance and various other operations.

Háskóli Íslands - HáskólatorgHáskólatorg 1. hæðhaskolatorg-3h_merkt

Gimli is a building linking various older University buildings. It houses offices, classrooms and meeting facilities.


This entrance leads to the 2nd floor. Taking the steps from Háskólatorg downstairs to the first floor will lead you to Gimli after just a few meters of walking.