The NUAS planning group on Research and Innovation is arranging a seminar and workshop to start a discussion among Nordic universities regarding how to measure the quality and performance of research and innovation services.

Research and innovation support services are an integral aspect of supporting research and education at universities across the world. These key support functions help researchers to secure the funding needed for research, but also work to enhance research competitiveness and to generate value from research activities. Many international universities use metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure and evaluate the quality and standard of performance of these support functions. However, among the Nordic universities, a standardized approach to using metrics and KPIs has not been adopted. As a result, universities are coming under pressure from different sources (e.g. ministries, research financiers or other political agencies) to report on the value and significance of their efforts without the benefit of an accepted and standardized approach.

The NUAS Research and Innovation Group would like to facilitate a discussion toward a common understanding and approach which, on the one hand, takes into consideration the Nordic setting and, on the other hand, establishes a common understanding of metrics and KPIs which lends itself to benchmarking performance quality across different organizations.

Target group
Participants should be those who work with university research and innovation support within the Nordic region, including heads of innovation and research support services, as well as Technology Transfer Offices (TTOs) and innovation offices.

NUAS planning group on Research and Innovation and University of Iceland.

Follow-up Session
The NUAS planning group on Research and Innovation plans to follow up the seminar and workshop in Reykjavik with a session in Gothenburg in 2017. The goal with these two sessions is to explore the use of metrics and KPIs in the context of managing quality and performance of our respective support services, as well as to explore benchmarking of those services across different organizations.

The goal with the programme in Reykjavik is to discuss and identify relevant metrics and KPIs for research and innovation support functions at Nordic universities. The goal for the session in Gothenburg thereafter will be to test these metrics and KPIs within our own contexts and to explore and discuss the relevance and feasibility of benchmarking opportunities across the Nordic region.